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Mental Health First Aid Basic

Mental Health First Aid Basic, August 23 and 24, Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Mental Health First Aid Basic, August 23 and 24, Guelph Chamber of Commerce


This is a 12-hour course taken over 2 days. You must attend both days to be eligible for a certificate of completion from Mental Health First Aid Canada.

Date: August 23 and 24, 2018

Time: 9:00 to 4:00 both days

Location: Guelph Chamber of Commerce, 111 Farquhar St 2nd Floor, Guelph. Parking is available on site. Click here for directions. Note: you do not have to be a Chamber member to attend.

Please note that the classroom is at the top of a flight of stairs. If you would like to attend but have accessibility concerns, please contact me to discuss options.

MHFA Basic is intended for adults interacting with other adults (18 years and older). This courses focuses on the four most common mental health disorders including substance related, mood related, anxiety and trauma related, and psychotic disorders. Participants who take this course are well prepared to interact confidently about mental health with their family, friends, communities, and workplaces.

In the MHFA course, you will gain a solid understanding of the 5 basic actions of ALGEE:

Assess the risk of suicide and/or harm
Listen non-judgmentally
Give reassurance and information
Encourage professional support
Encourage other supports

ALGEE is the framework for having a confident conversation about mental health with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

International evaluations and feedback have found the following outcomes for participants undertaking an MHFA course:

  • Increased awareness of signs and symptoms of the most common mental health problems

  • Decreased stigma related to mental health

  • Increased confidence interacting with individuals experiencing a mental health problem or crisis

  • Increased help actually provided to individuals in crisis or experiencing a mental health problem

Crisis first aid skills learned

  • Substance overdose

  • Suicidal behaviour

  • Panic attack

  • Acute stress reaction

  • Psychotic episode

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