Open Minds



  • Very in-depth and hands on.”

  • I feel much more confident & knowledgeable in dealing with mental health clients/individuals and the signs/symptoms of mental health. Definitely a better understanding of mental health.”
  • How timely it was! Today I had a client come into the clinic with what appeared to me to be… full blown schizophrenia – all the symptoms – delusions, voices… and I ALGEE’d.”

(ALGEE is the acronym taught in MHFA to summarize actions that can be taken to help someone experiencing a mental health problem.)

  • I learned a lot (and) have more confidence in giving the advice I do.”


  • I liked – loved, actually – the course very much. I was able to relate the course to (my) volunteering. There was a lot of info that could also be applied to other situations in our lives. So interesting! Sarah, you are awesome. Thanks!”
  • This is a great course for volunteers, instructors, teachers, coaches… pretty much anyone who works or deals with both adults and children.”
  • This was an excellent follow-up to the ASIST training I’ve had in the past.”
  • Excellent course. Very worthwhile.”

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