Open Minds



Here's what Open Minds’ participants say about our Transforming Compassion Fatigue trainings:

I walked away from your session feeling very motivated! Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are two parts of my career that I never anticipated but that I have felt very strongly. Thank you for helping me to normalize how I feel as I continue to ‘walk through the water’ now knowing its ok to get a little wet!”

Thank you for validating the complications of our industry.”

Very practical tips!”

Important information presented in an easily-relatable way. Sarah was engaging and professional.”

What stands out most for me about what I learned is the connection between the work we do and its impact on us as people.”

This makes me realize I need to do WAY more self-care. :)”

Thank you for offering this session. I found you to be a very enthusiastic and engaging speaker who was very authentic!”

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